For Homebuilders


In today’s market, both private and public homebuilders are subject to the compound constraints of a limited supply of finished lots and the capital market’s admonition to keep undeveloped land off of their balance sheets.

Silver Fern Capital provides home builders off-balance-sheet financing at a competitive rate for land acquisition and lot development, freeing up capital and time for the primary objective — vertical residential development. Our program delivers finished lots pursuant to a guaranteed fixed price contract. Concurrently with loan closing, the homebuilder will contract to purchase the to-be-developed lots on a rolling lot option purchase contract.

Silver Fern Capital offers builders a “one-stop-stop” development and land banking option where they can contract for finished lots on a rolling option and Silver Fern/ Capital will be the entity that they will contract with. As the builder, your primary benefit is having the ability to contract for finished lots purchased by the builder on a roll, with a 20% deposit.

Simply put, Silver Fern Capital allows homebuilders to operate the way you do best —as a home building company, not a development company.